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My favorite bikinis

20 Jan

hello, I will talk about my favorite bikini collections.

In summer days, what do you enjoy with? For me, I really like to go to the sea and pool!

one reason is that I can wear my favorite bikini. You can choose bikinis from wide varieties.

Not only wearing it as a swimsuit, you can enjoy your bikini fashions!

This picture below is that I have.

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When the summer comes, please enjoy your summer with many kinds of bikinis!


Black and Red

17 Dec

Hello, I will introduce about my favorite color.

I prefer to wear Black or White clothes, but I actually love red accesoriies.

Most of the small things that I have is RED. However, I don’t put on the red clothes, because I want to make myself look as smartly dressed all the times.

Moreover if I wear black clothes, my red accesories would look very nice!

Please try to wear dark color clothes, and put on some vivid color accesories.

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What is your favorite item when you travel?

3 Dec

Hello, everybody.

What are you going to bring when you go on a plane?

This picture below is a must have item for me.


I can’t take a plane without this. Especially, I have used this pillow on flights more than 10 hours.

Before I use this, I couldn’t sleep in  planes at all because of  pain in my neck.

However, I was able to sleep after I tried to use this item! That means I did not feel physical fatigue after getting off the plane.

You can enjoy the rest of your vacation! Please try it.

Christmas song!

26 Nov

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hello everyone! Christmas is coming soon.

On Christmas season, what kind of song do you want  to listen? I highly recommended you to listen the song ” All I want for Christmas is you” from Mariah Carey 🙂

Every Christmas season, I definitely listen this song while I’m taking a train, having lunch even studying!

I’m sure that almost all women can sympathize its lyrics, because it contains women’s feeling very well.

Winter boots!

12 Nov

Today, I would like to introduce my winter boots!


This is my favorite boots called UGG.

When I was in NY in a winter season, this was must item for me. It was very heavy snow in February, so I put on almost every day. Not only feel warm, but also this boot is really fashionable. Moreover, it was worn by many people in there.

I think all UGG boots are little bit expensive, but once you feel this warmth, I’m sure that you will become a big fan of UGG!

I hope many people in Japan enjoy the winter season with UGG boots.