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Beautiful skin

20 Jan


Today I recomend Sabon s’ skin care goods!

Sabon sell many kind of body creams. body scrub. shower gel.

I think Sabon s’ goods are everything good smell!

But I highly recomend Rose tea smell!

Please try it at Sabon s’ shop!sabon_1 thCA5RRZZQ


Yellow dress

17 Dec

My favorite color is yellow because I like Disney movie s’ Beauty and the Beast.

heroine is Belle.

She wore a beautiful yellow dress. so yellow remaind me of her and her s’ mind.

She is not real people just Disney charactor.


But I respect her. I want to wear yellow dress someday!!

Hand gel

3 Dec

Hi!!!! Today I will recommend hand gel for when your travel. You can keep clean. These are so cute !!

You can choose all kinds of smells and hand gel covers.

My favorite smell is the rose one!!

I always use it before having lunch or after getting off a train.

Please try it !!


Santa costume

26 Nov

I recommend Santa costume for this Christmas!!  You can find many kinds of Santa costume!! You must be find favorite Santa costume!!!! Merry Christmas !!!! Have a good holiday!!!imagesimages (2)

20 denier tights

12 Nov

Today. I will recommend to 20 denier  tights!! in winter.  winter is so cold You have to wear  will be heavily clothed.

So I think 20 denier tights is SEXY!!!! Please compare another denier tights!!

I highly recommend ballet shoes tights!!

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