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Cannot Stop Grinning..

28 Nov

During the exam holidays, I went on a training camp of the Marines held in the South of Chiba.

It was an absolutely great opportunity to see players nearby.

We arrived at the place at 12ish, however the practice on that day was already over..

We were totally devastated and at a loss, and tried to think of anything we could do then.

We finally decided to visit where players were staying, and found that virtually all players were there!

They were taking a health checkup at that time, and it seemed everyone was in a hurry.

I asked few players ¬†for a sign, but some of them declined including my favourite player ūüė¶

I waited for two to three hours, then saw my favourite player again shining in the light and moved towards us on his own!

At the end, he kindly gave all fans there his sign, and left.

I really cannot guess how many people fell for him again..

I got his sign on this Marines’ plate.

This will definitely be one of my baseball fashion for the next season.

Whenever I see this, this makes me absolutely ecstatic as this reminds me of that moment and the expectation of next year.

I cannot stop grinning..!

I also cannot stop shuddering when I think of how much I spent on the Marines this year..