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Are you ready to go to the beach?

9 Jul

Hello;) Today, I’ll write about summer fashion.What is “summer fashion”? I mean beach fashion.Especially I like bikinis!! If you have a plan to go to the beach during summer, you should get nice one. So, I’ll show you awesome bikinis.


If you want a sexy bikini,


sexy bikini






This is cute one.


cute bikini






There is still a lot.


IMG_7934 (1)








If you don’t have a good bikini. go shopping right now.


Summer has  already come!!!


Something That I like To Wear

16 Jan

Something That I like To Wear

     This is the image of what I would like to do in the near future. I actually love the beach and ocean so much, but I always wearing a swim wear or surf wear when I’m there. This time I really love to wear all white clothes and walking through the beach feel a fresh energy before I gradute. I dreamed to do this a long time ago but I don’t know why I can’t really make it. Hopefully next month I can do what I dreamed of. Have a great vacation guys!

★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★

19 Dec


★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★



     “MOTORCYCLE” is the most thing that reminds me to all of my travel experiences.  If I go abroad or when I’m on trip, vacation I MUST ride this machine.  You can sing, you can scream, you can feel your body is flying with windy.  I will never get enough on my trip if I didn’t ride a motorcycle.  Especially when you go to the beach and mountain it is so awesome to ride a motorcycle through the beautiful scenery, it is the best thing to do in the world.  Why don’t you try to feel that feeling someday.



★ Xmas | Snow | Dinner ★

12 Dec



     Soon XMAS is coming, what’s your plan on this special day? Spending this great holiday with your friends or family is definitely a great idea.  There are tons of activities you can do on this lovely day. 

     Last year I spent a great XMAS with my best friend.  When XMAS comes I do love to make a snowman, it is just what I have to to do on XMAS day.  How about you? What do you have to do on XMAS let’s share our good things, share some happiness that you have made on this special day in a year.  Walking through snow is one thing that I love to do on XMAS, when I see snow it reminds me to think of SANTA.




     In the evening we had  a great dinner on the top of the city, looking at the beautiful view through the huge clear glass window.  It was just awesome to have dinner on this special day.  Why don’t you plan to have dinner with someone who is beloved to you on XMAS! Have very awesome XMAS everyone!


Kobe Khunakon Harnchana

★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★

28 Nov


★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★



   Seems like the real winter has come, summer is over.  I know that lots of people had so much fun this summer but now its time to think of what you will wear for this fabulous winter.  Did you decide what is going to be your main fashion item for this winter fashion?

   Keep warm and protecting yourself from a very low temperature is always good for winter but we want some more, we want to look great because  we meet new people everyday.  Being a student is fun so do not waste your time let’s enjoy fashion.

   I told you that I love leather jackets so much, this time I would like to introduce another one of my main winter fashion items. “HOODIE FUR” jacket is one of my favorite fashion items.  It is easy, simple and awesome! You can wear a cute knit and then a “HOODIE FUR” will probably make you look stunning in a simple way and of course boots! Boots always give you some sexiness but if you don’t to be that sexy make sure to wear light colored pants or a skirt.  Because dark pants with boots make you look HOT but if you like it there’s no problem!!!

   “HOODIE FUR” is unisex fashion, guys and girls can enjoy it, and you can go anywhere with it. Lastly I want to strongly recommend you guys to use “FAKE FUR” there is no need to explain a lot, you know what I am trying to say here.  “We have our life and they have their life.”

   And now let’s enjoy a “HOODIE FUR” Have a very good weekend everybody XOXO!!!!!



Fantastic Cosplay

28 Aug

This is my friend, and maybe you can guess that her hobby is Cosplay!

The character she portrays is Toshizo Hizikata(man) of Hakuōki, on of the characters from a TV game for girls.
She loves Cosplay and Toshizo so this is the reason why she dresses like this.

According to the manner of Cosplay, Cosplayer can do it for events only, this photo was taken at a Japanese castle.
therefore Cosplayers have to provide all of their itmes and practice how to make themselves be a perfect
imitation of the character the choose for Cosplay.

Sometimes Cosplayers make their own costumes.
She was able to buy this costume but she made her vest by herself.

This photo was taken in Winter, but at that time, she felt so cool but she could
tolerate it.

She wants to become herself and be different from always, she is always enjoying Cosplay with her friends all the time;D


like a princess

27 Aug

misako aoki

Hello. My name is Ayako.
I’m interested in lolita fashion. When I watched the movie of “Shimotuma monogatari”, I’m very impressed by actress. She was wearing princess dress. Now, I really respect Misako Aoki. She is a lolita fashion model. But her real job is nurse. She is working at hospital in Tokyo. She always wear very cute clothes and her room is looks like princess room. She is wearing this clothes and ahe feel that “I’m a princess!”. It is a original Japanese clothes but it is loved by girls around the world. I would like to meet Misako Aoki and talk with her!