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★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★

19 Dec


★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★



     “MOTORCYCLE” is the most thing that reminds me to all of my travel experiences.  If I go abroad or when I’m on trip, vacation I MUST ride this machine.  You can sing, you can scream, you can feel your body is flying with windy.  I will never get enough on my trip if I didn’t ride a motorcycle.  Especially when you go to the beach and mountain it is so awesome to ride a motorcycle through the beautiful scenery, it is the best thing to do in the world.  Why don’t you try to feel that feeling someday.




The ways of wearing using basic colors

13 Jun


I like mode fashion. The style is literally a la mode, and sometimes its style is simple, but also it has impact and is characteristic.



I like the mode fashion whose color is based on black and white.

Black and white is the color known as ordinary, useful, and safe color. However, they are the color which can get the people with the clothes used black and white look impressive. I think that’s because of its simplicity.

People choose the black or white shoes because of its convenience. But on the other hand, someone choose them because they can make difference with their creativity.


Also, the photo above seems to be taken in summer or early summer, but their fashion don’t look hot. (I mean, in temperature)

Of course they must have had any make up and their face less emotion. But I guess their fashion is also related. By  ways of wearing clothes, the impression should be changed even if basic colors are used: Black looks hot and heavy, especially…


For me, having many ways of wearing clothes is the fabulous point in fashion even if the base colors are all the same.



An accessory and cute hair style

29 Jun

   She is Yu Araki and 21 years old. She is my friend in KUIS.


  Disney character’s necklace (Alice)

  *Hair style*

  She braids her hair and makes two braids. And she ties them up together.

  *Why did they dress that way?*

  She likes to put on a necklace and I often see her wearing a necklace. So she said that when she chooses a necklace, she decides her necklace which suits her clothes. Therefore, it is important to choose a necklace whether it is suitable for clothes or not.



 *How do they feel in what they are wearing?*

    She feels very happy.

  *Where did they get it from?*

   She bought the necklace from Disney store.

 *What do they think about when they get dressed?*

  As I mentioned before, when she chooses her necklace, she decides to wear the       necklace that is suitable for her clothes. So it is the main point when she gets dressed.

*Do they dress differently for different reasons/occasions, if so why?*

Yes. When she goes to a certain concert, she scarcely puts on a necklace. Because during the concert, she often jumps. So a necklace is a little bit cumbersome. It is a reason she seldom wears a necklace when she goes to the concert. In addition to a necklace, it is also same thing with hair style. If she has hair style like this picture, it is easy to become loose. From these points of view, it is necessary to think about putting on necklaces and making hair style or not. 

*My Comments*

As I said before, she often wears a necklace so I chose her necklace to make this blog. I like her necklace very much because she puts on a necklace to adjust her clothes every time. It is important. In addition to that, I like her hair style, too. Now, it is becoming hotter so this kind of hair style is good way to stay cooler.