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★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★

19 Dec


★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★



     “MOTORCYCLE” is the most thing that reminds me to all of my travel experiences.  If I go abroad or when I’m on trip, vacation I MUST ride this machine.  You can sing, you can scream, you can feel your body is flying with windy.  I will never get enough on my trip if I didn’t ride a motorcycle.  Especially when you go to the beach and mountain it is so awesome to ride a motorcycle through the beautiful scenery, it is the best thing to do in the world.  Why don’t you try to feel that feeling someday.




★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★

28 Nov


★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★



   Seems like the real winter has come, summer is over.  I know that lots of people had so much fun this summer but now its time to think of what you will wear for this fabulous winter.  Did you decide what is going to be your main fashion item for this winter fashion?

   Keep warm and protecting yourself from a very low temperature is always good for winter but we want some more, we want to look great because  we meet new people everyday.  Being a student is fun so do not waste your time let’s enjoy fashion.

   I told you that I love leather jackets so much, this time I would like to introduce another one of my main winter fashion items. “HOODIE FUR” jacket is one of my favorite fashion items.  It is easy, simple and awesome! You can wear a cute knit and then a “HOODIE FUR” will probably make you look stunning in a simple way and of course boots! Boots always give you some sexiness but if you don’t to be that sexy make sure to wear light colored pants or a skirt.  Because dark pants with boots make you look HOT but if you like it there’s no problem!!!

   “HOODIE FUR” is unisex fashion, guys and girls can enjoy it, and you can go anywhere with it. Lastly I want to strongly recommend you guys to use “FAKE FUR” there is no need to explain a lot, you know what I am trying to say here.  “We have our life and they have their life.”

   And now let’s enjoy a “HOODIE FUR” Have a very good weekend everybody XOXO!!!!!



Winter Fashion!!!

28 Nov

I used to work at American Eagle Outfitters.

I wore all AE clothes!! Sweater, Tank top, jeans, Shoes…. 

marnie BLOG 

The point is jeans. The material is soelastic, so it’s really confatable

I took this photo after I went to hair salon.

I love fashion !!!!!!



26 Jul


Occupation:junior in KUIS



Why did you put on this dresses?

―   Today, it’s very hot. I wanted to feel cool as much as possible, so I chose this airy blouse. I was supposed to wear short bottoms in the morning, but actually it was too bother to put  some sunscreen cream on my legs. That’s why I wore full length denim.

How do you feel in the clothes?

―   Cool^^

What is the theme of today’s coordinate?

―   Not too feminine.


I want to be a girl like her in my next life. I like that she looks girly though wearing denim pants. She cares whole balance of her styling like a flower hair accessory, spindly gold bracelet and frilly collar.

2 DAYS fashion

21 Jun

Name: Hidenori Takahashi (KUIS)

He is my friend and is always wearing jersey for his club. On that day, he wore
special clothes. I like his fashion!




JK: nano universe
CUT: And A
Shoes: tomorrow land




The red

14 Jun

His name is Ken Sakuma.

He is a third year student (Junior) of KUIS

Clothing ; Jeans, T-shirt, cardigan, high-heeled shoes.

His concepts of  his fashion is “KEN” which is his own original style.

The red jeans look really good on him, but may be not good on others.

He believes that his “high heeled shoes dinstinguish his long legs more”.

My friend’s fashion

7 Jun

She is Haruka and 20 years old.

*Her fashion*

  • black T-shirt (It is printed  ‘I love you’)
  • short pant (jeans)
  • flower pattern tights
  • black shoes
  • two rings (one is an orange triangle and she bought it in Taiwan and the other is a ring)
  • necklace
  • watch

*Her point*

Her point is flower pattern tights. It is very quite and rare.She likes unique fashion. It means she doesn’t want to wear  these clothes which other people buy. So she chose flower pattern tights which is very rare. Moreover, to accentuate her tights, she chose black T-shirt and black shoes.

*How she feels*

She feels nice and good.