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Thing I Wouldn’t Wear

19 Jan

There is an item that I wouldn’t wear in fahion…. It’s colored contact lenses.

In Japan, many people wear this kind of contact lenses in part of everyday fashion. The purpose of wearing this item is putting different color on the eyes for temporarily or pretending the bigger eyes for choosing an original eye color, but I feel strange about it.

I think the effect of colored contact lenses on people makes their eyes look impersonal.
I always think that having an eye contact is the most important thing in communicating with others. However,  I see little emotional movements in the eyes when the person wear colored contact lenses, it’s difficult for me to tell if the person means for what they are saying.  I always feel uncomfortable about it.

I believe “eyes ” are the most attractive part of our body and every pair of eyes are truly beautiful without any changing.
So I wouldn’t wear this item and prefer to keep my original eyes.


Fantastic Cosplay

28 Aug

This is my friend, and maybe you can guess that her hobby is Cosplay!

The character she portrays is Toshizo Hizikata(man) of Hakuōki, on of the characters from a TV game for girls.
She loves Cosplay and Toshizo so this is the reason why she dresses like this.

According to the manner of Cosplay, Cosplayer can do it for events only, this photo was taken at a Japanese castle.
therefore Cosplayers have to provide all of their itmes and practice how to make themselves be a perfect
imitation of the character the choose for Cosplay.

Sometimes Cosplayers make their own costumes.
She was able to buy this costume but she made her vest by herself.

This photo was taken in Winter, but at that time, she felt so cool but she could
tolerate it.

She wants to become herself and be different from always, she is always enjoying Cosplay with her friends all the time;D

Passionate red

28 Aug


These are my lovely items which are colored with red (Some parts of shoes are colored)

I like to collect products that are colored red, when I go shopping I seek out red items. So in my room, there’re many red things! My rice cooker, bicycle, boxes, shelf, PSP and etc.
Why do I love red? Maybe red makes me passionate XD
When I  wear some items of red, I’m happy!!

The bag, which I got from a happy bag on New Year’s Day. I bought a happy bag for my mom but she don’t like vivid color. So, my mom gave me it, then I was so happy!


More Beautiful

27 Aug

People always try to seek beauty.

Nowadays, especially young girls have skills to make them look better and the skills are improving day by day. They use items such as colored contacts, false eyelashes and extension of eyelashes to make their eyes much bigger, and sometimes they change people looks quite differently.

Some people are surprised when they see the person who always wear heavy makeup and they have it washed off.
It is said that one of the characteristics of Japan such as the skills which accentuate eyes are especially good.
Some tools have dangerous effects, so I would never try it, but it is one of the present fashions in Japan.

Makeup 1

I’m looking forward to seeing new ways of the application of makeup in the future.

Color Contact Lenses

13 Jun

Nowadays, many Japanese people, especially girls tend to envy foreigner’s eyes which are different from Japanese people.

I’m also one of the people to have a longing for such beautiful eyes. So, I sometimes put color contact lenses in my eyes to change the color. When I insert them, I feel like foreigner. Also, putting on them make my mood change. It is fresh for me.
But, there are some ploblems that contacts can be bad for our health of eyes. If we neglect to pay atention to eyes hygienes, it will be weapns for a loss of our eyesights. In fact, it is a problem that a Korean girl got to have a parasitic worm in her eye, so we need to be careful that.

We should keep in mind that “Be fashionable involves many risks”.


color eyelash

8 Jun

this is my friend’s eyelash. She puts on color eyelash extentions. It looks so cool isn’t it? She said nowadays it getting popular to put on color eyelash extentions and there are lots of colors, I think it good for summer! I put on just normal eyelash extentions so i want to try like this color eyelash extentions 🙂

My summer is RED !

6 Jun


Hi, everyone!

My image of summer is RED !

This color tells me coming summer. Moreover, it makes me excited! When my nails are colored red, I can be more positive.

I love changing nail color, but it’ s difficult for me to do that because of my part-time job, Starbucks coffee.  Most workers who work at restaurants or cafes can’t do that same as me, right?

However, I want to enjoy this summer with red nails ! 

Megumi Hosoya