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The ways of wearing using basic colors

13 Jun


I like mode fashion. The style is literally a la mode, and sometimes its style is simple, but also it has impact and is characteristic.



I like the mode fashion whose color is based on black and white.

Black and white is the color known as ordinary, useful, and safe color. However, they are the color which can get the people with the clothes used black and white look impressive. I think that’s because of its simplicity.

People choose the black or white shoes because of its convenience. But on the other hand, someone choose them because they can make difference with their creativity.


Also, the photo above seems to be taken in summer or early summer, but their fashion don’t look hot. (I mean, in temperature)

Of course they must have had any make up and their face less emotion. But I guess their fashion is also related. By  ways of wearing clothes, the impression should be changed even if basic colors are used: Black looks hot and heavy, especially…


For me, having many ways of wearing clothes is the fabulous point in fashion even if the base colors are all the same.




I don’t like summer though

13 Jun


I often wear men’s clothes.

Their size is usually big, so sometimes their size works different from women’s ones.Of course, we girls have big size, but it isn’t the same and doesn’t work as same as men’s ones.

Especially, in men’s clothes, there are many simple shaped clothes.They aren’t the same as the clothes womanlike: women’s clothes are sometimes too short and too tight.


The point of this photo is the T-shirt has an impact. I want to have this T-shirt if I could… *sigh*

Also the shoes is impressive. With this pink shoes, the style gives us a huge impact even if the pants is based on a simple color white.

This photo make me want a impressive T-shirts, anyway.



Summer is coming!!!!!

6 Jun

Hi!! I’m Misaki. This is my first blog.

Today, I will show you summer fashion of my best friend, Mei.

She wears like this!  It looks very summer!



She says “Today’s fashion points are the tops of very thin fabric, and the light-color short pants. Bright color’s clothes can not be worn in winter!! I like summer fashion!!”

That is really adrable, and looks cool.


Cute color,pink, blue, orange, parple…..!! I like her clothes.

The fabric is chiffon -velvet. It is so thin and lightly.


At her feet, black black black!! She says “shoes’ color are black is the best, because it makes tops and bottoms remarcable.”

Also, I usually buy black or really dark-color shoes. It is suitable to wear any color cloth, I think.


Fashion can produce our personality, so it is fun!!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!!!


26 Jul


Occupation:junior in KUIS



Why did you put on this dresses?

―   Today, it’s very hot. I wanted to feel cool as much as possible, so I chose this airy blouse. I was supposed to wear short bottoms in the morning, but actually it was too bother to put  some sunscreen cream on my legs. That’s why I wore full length denim.

How do you feel in the clothes?

―   Cool^^

What is the theme of today’s coordinate?

―   Not too feminine.


I want to be a girl like her in my next life. I like that she looks girly though wearing denim pants. She cares whole balance of her styling like a flower hair accessory, spindly gold bracelet and frilly collar.


26 Jul

name: Yuki Nishiwaki (20)

She got this pants in laforet harajuku when we went to shopping together. This pants are vintage pants. Do you know the differences between second hand clothes and vintage clothes? Vintage clothes are second hand clothes and also it’s difficult to get, it should be old, and it should have good quality. I think it’s eco!


sunglasses: H&M
blous: ?
pants: vintage
shoes: Korea
eco bag: marc by marc jacobs

Cute and Grownup Fashion

5 Jul

She is Uran Kobori and she is 2nd grade in KUIS.

She is 19 years old.

*Her fashion*

white camisole

white 3/4 sleeve

brown half pants

black leggings

purple rucksack

*Why did she dress that way?*

It was very hot so she chose this clothes which she could stay cooler. And she doesn’t like to expose her legs so she wore black leggings. Moreover, she has used this rucksack since she was a high school student. So she is emotionally involved with this rucksack. And she said this rucksack is easy to move and it is very convenient.

*How does she feel in what she is wearing?

This white 3/4 sleeve is transparent so she has to wear a camisole inside the white 3/4 sleeve. So it is hot. That is the reason she feeel not comfortable and she doesn’t want to wear this white 3/4 sleeve.

*Where did she get it from?*

As for a white 3/4 sleeve, she bought it at Ario in Soga.

As for brown half pants, she bought it in Tsudanuma.

As for black leggings, she bought it at Shimamura.

As for brown sandals, she bought is at Unimo in Ichihara.

*What does she think about when she gets dressed?*

It is troublesome for her to think about fashionables. But she doesn’t like to be dressed  untidily. So she wears clothes which she can put on when she goes outside.

*Does she dress differently for different reasons/occasions, if so why?*

Yes. She is working at a cram school and she teaches English to students. So she is required to wear formal clothes at the cram school. If she doesn’t wear it, she is pointed out that she should wear formal clothes but not casual clothes. Therefore, she wears formal clothes when she goes there. But other places like school, she can wear casual clothes. So she dresses differently for different reasons and occasions.


I like her color of clothes because these are not bright and not so dark. In addition to that, I like her rucksack. I can always notice her thanks to her nice purple rucksack.  And I could know her rucksack is very special for her.

Thank you Uran!!

ding dong ditch

28 Jun

name: Seckey
She is my friend and she has her own brand which named “ding dong ditch” also she works at the clothes shop Chicago in Harajuku. Chicago is a famous second hand clothes shop. I like her style so much. I put some pics of clothes which made by her and if you like them, search for “ding dong
ditch” on the internet.


hat: hakui
jacket: otsu
tops: banal chic bizalle
pants: used
tights: forever21
socks: sister
shoes: connecter