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24 Dec

Travel- it’s provably the best thing I  want to try right now.

I’ve been to another countries, such as England, Australia and Hawaii…but I want to explore more countries in Europe and the U.S. and many islands which have beautiful beaches:)

There is one thing I don’t like about going to another country,  the long flight.
When I went to England, the time I spent on airplane was about 12 hours.
My whole body was tired and my legs got swollen badly. I couldn’t put on my boots at the end of flight.

I chose my favorite shoes and clothes for my first day in England, it was disappointing that I needed to change it after all.

Then, I started to wearing the “Medi Qtto” under bottoms on a plane for preventing this problem.


It has the function to put pressure on legs and makes me feel refreshed after taking it off!

Personally, it has been an essesial item for traveling 🙂
I definitely recommend it to every woman!


★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★

28 Nov


★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★



   Seems like the real winter has come, summer is over.  I know that lots of people had so much fun this summer but now its time to think of what you will wear for this fabulous winter.  Did you decide what is going to be your main fashion item for this winter fashion?

   Keep warm and protecting yourself from a very low temperature is always good for winter but we want some more, we want to look great because  we meet new people everyday.  Being a student is fun so do not waste your time let’s enjoy fashion.

   I told you that I love leather jackets so much, this time I would like to introduce another one of my main winter fashion items. “HOODIE FUR” jacket is one of my favorite fashion items.  It is easy, simple and awesome! You can wear a cute knit and then a “HOODIE FUR” will probably make you look stunning in a simple way and of course boots! Boots always give you some sexiness but if you don’t to be that sexy make sure to wear light colored pants or a skirt.  Because dark pants with boots make you look HOT but if you like it there’s no problem!!!

   “HOODIE FUR” is unisex fashion, guys and girls can enjoy it, and you can go anywhere with it. Lastly I want to strongly recommend you guys to use “FAKE FUR” there is no need to explain a lot, you know what I am trying to say here.  “We have our life and they have their life.”

   And now let’s enjoy a “HOODIE FUR” Have a very good weekend everybody XOXO!!!!!



My Favorite Winter Shoes

28 Nov

Although I don’t like winter season because of cold weather, I like winter fashion because I can enjoy many kinds of clothes compared to summer fashion 🙂 That’s why I’m  very excited if winter is coming!! I love fashion ❤

Today, I’ll introduce you my favorite winter shoes in here.

First of all, one of my favorite winter shoes is booty.


This kind of shoes makes me taller, also if I put on booty, my legs look longer than usual. For these reasons, I love booty!

Next one is MINNE TONKA. I bought it in America. It was cheaper than Japanese one. I really like fur as a winter fashion item, and the shoes has leopard designed fur inside of it. I like it.minnetonka

Thirdly, I like long boots. The first good thing of long boots is that they are very warm. Also, it looks cool and cute!!


I love winter shoes!!!

Passionate red

28 Aug


These are my lovely items which are colored with red (Some parts of shoes are colored)

I like to collect products that are colored red, when I go shopping I seek out red items. So in my room, there’re many red things! My rice cooker, bicycle, boxes, shelf, PSP and etc.
Why do I love red? Maybe red makes me passionate XD
When I  wear some items of red, I’m happy!!

The bag, which I got from a happy bag on New Year’s Day. I bought a happy bag for my mom but she don’t like vivid color. So, my mom gave me it, then I was so happy!

My collection

4 Jul

photo 2

photo 1

I introduce my special collection!!

I collect shoes for 6years, which is Dr.Martens!

My first Dr.Marten is White long boots, it is present from my father. When I get this, I really happy, because Dr.Marten is a little bit expensive for me so I can’t buy easily.

So, I have my rule, when I reach some my aims for example, I got a new big job (ex; TV commercial) I bought new one.

The newest one is blue short Dr.Martens, I was looking for this color and type! I found antique shop in Shimokitazawa. When I found this, I really happy.

Dr.Marten is really stong even if heavy rain and if someone stepon my foot, I’m not hurt!

When I go to live concert or music festival I always wear it.

Next, I want to get cherry red color Dr.Martens, I’ll do my best for aim.

flower print dress

4 Jul


This time, I had an interviewed my friend about her fashion!!

She is Mei. Thank you, Mei!!

She wore like this, a flower print dress, black sandals and khaki jacket.

I like this dress. It is really lovely.


Me “What is today’s fashion point?”

Her “This dress, because top part of this is a see-through . It is cute!”


I think that It is perfect for summer!!

It looks cool, but very girlish.

She likes dresses, so she has various ones!!

Thank you for reading!!


28 Jun


This is my favorite shoes.

The brand is TORY BURCH which is American fashion brand and popular in Japan recently.
2 years ago, I splurged on that shoes because it fits my foot so much.
My friend has the one same as my shoes and she also said this shoes fit for her and it was easy to walk.

After wearing it, I was crazy about that shoes, so I bought another one which color was silver. I change and adapt these shose to suit our occasion.
This item is essential for me and I will continue to collect them.