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vacation style in Taiwan

20 Jun

photo 2

I will introduce about my vacation items.

My image of vacation is trip. I went to Taiwan last month it was a model’s work but it was really excited same as vacation. I have no time to go to trip because I’m a little bit to busy.

Taiwan is hot and humid, so I wore big size tunktop everyday, big size tunktop become one piece! This way is my favorite fashion cordinate, and hoodie is really important because some restaurant, shops and taxi are cold air conditioned. Sandals are best of shoes in trip! It’s easy to wear, easy to walk!

Also, bag is shoulder type or backpack is the best, because some country are bad place. We have possibilities of snatched!! Snatch thief is tend to aim at tourist!! and shoulder type and backpack are easy to move! 



The ways of wearing using basic colors

13 Jun


I like mode fashion. The style is literally a la mode, and sometimes its style is simple, but also it has impact and is characteristic.



I like the mode fashion whose color is based on black and white.

Black and white is the color known as ordinary, useful, and safe color. However, they are the color which can get the people with the clothes used black and white look impressive. I think that’s because of its simplicity.

People choose the black or white shoes because of its convenience. But on the other hand, someone choose them because they can make difference with their creativity.


Also, the photo above seems to be taken in summer or early summer, but their fashion don’t look hot. (I mean, in temperature)

Of course they must have had any make up and their face less emotion. But I guess their fashion is also related. By  ways of wearing clothes, the impression should be changed even if basic colors are used: Black looks hot and heavy, especially…


For me, having many ways of wearing clothes is the fabulous point in fashion even if the base colors are all the same.



I don’t like summer though

13 Jun


I often wear men’s clothes.

Their size is usually big, so sometimes their size works different from women’s ones.Of course, we girls have big size, but it isn’t the same and doesn’t work as same as men’s ones.

Especially, in men’s clothes, there are many simple shaped clothes.They aren’t the same as the clothes womanlike: women’s clothes are sometimes too short and too tight.


The point of this photo is the T-shirt has an impact. I want to have this T-shirt if I could… *sigh*

Also the shoes is impressive. With this pink shoes, the style gives us a huge impact even if the pants is based on a simple color white.

This photo make me want a impressive T-shirts, anyway.



Summer is coming!!!!!

6 Jun

Hi!! I’m Misaki. This is my first blog.

Today, I will show you summer fashion of my best friend, Mei.

She wears like this!  It looks very summer!



She says “Today’s fashion points are the tops of very thin fabric, and the light-color short pants. Bright color’s clothes can not be worn in winter!! I like summer fashion!!”

That is really adrable, and looks cool.


Cute color,pink, blue, orange, parple…..!! I like her clothes.

The fabric is chiffon -velvet. It is so thin and lightly.


At her feet, black black black!! She says “shoes’ color are black is the best, because it makes tops and bottoms remarcable.”

Also, I usually buy black or really dark-color shoes. It is suitable to wear any color cloth, I think.


Fashion can produce our personality, so it is fun!!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!!!

My Sister’s Summer Fashion

6 Jun


She is my little sister.
She chose this clothe because its lace and pattern are cool-looking, and she said she felt the oncoming of summer by wearing it.
She got the clothes at Vanilla which is her favorite clothing shop.

When she gets dressed, she think about balance, color tone and a sense of seasons. In addition, She is short and looks younger than actual age, that’s why she always care whether the coordinate looks her age.
She also told me she can change the mood by wearing various kind of dress, so she dress differently for each situation.

She entered university this year and she have to think about coordinate everyday, but she always enjoys choosing dress!:)

Summer Fashion

24 Jun

    *About her*

She is Ai Sakamaki. She is my friend in KUIS and she is 20 years old.

   *Her fashion*

#white t-shirt

#red short-sleeved shirt with a collar

#bright brown skirt

#black leggings

#red sandals

   *Why did they dress that way?

Because it was hot so she wore a short-sleeved shirt. And she chose a bordered t-shirt because she said border reminds her of summer. Moreover, she doesn’t like to expose her leg so she wore black leggings.

*How do they feel in what they are wearing?*

She felt very comfortable.

*Who are they wearing? Where did they get it from?*

Ai who is my friend. She bought these clothes at the local shop.

*What they think about when they get dressed?*

When she chooses her clothes, she pays attention not to choose same clothes or same taste as the previous day. So she leaves 3 days. Moreover, she considers about the combination of color. It means she chooses clothes which are not eccentric clothes.

*Do they dress differently for different reasons/occasions, if so why?*

Yes. Her daily clothes (for example, clothes for going school) is totally different from clothes for going outside. She thinks it is because of her motivation.

Border reminds me of summer so I took a picture of her clothes.


She drew this. She doesn’t like a t-shirt and jeans (left) and a t-shirt and a long skirt (middle). But she  likes to wear several layers of clothing and she likes a mini skirt.

My sister’s clothes

14 Jun

*About her*

She is Maya Sato. She is my younger sister.

She is 18 years old. (Third grade of high school)

*About this picture*

We went to Hokkaido last summer and this picture was taken at the park.



 *Her fashion*

 #flower pattern camisole

 #white T-shirt (some empty spaces in underarm to come to the air)

 #dark green knee

#blue sandals for summe

 #ties her hair up in an elastic hairband

 #has a plastic bottle (It was very hot even in Hokkaido so she had her drink.)

*Why did they dress that way?*

This picture was taken in summer so she wanted to keep cooler. So she wore white T-shirt.  Its fabric lets in the cool air. And she put on dark green  knee without tights. And we went to Hokkaido as family trip. Therefore, she chose clothes which are not casual clothes but a little bit fashionable clothes.

*How do they feel in what they are wearing?*

She feels nice, good and comfortable. Because she could control her temperature thanks to her clothes.

*Who are they wearing? Where did they get it from?*

My younger sister. She bought these clothes at shop which is located near our house. She often goes there to buy her clothes.

*What do they think about when they get dressed?*

When she decides her clothes, she considers not to choose eccentric clothes.

*Do they dress differently for different reasons/occasions, if so why?*

Yes. As I mentioned before, this picture was taken during family trip. I think when people go traveling, they choose fashionable clothes because trip is the special event for them. So people decide their clothes to adjust  in each situation. And I think this is very important.

*Why I chose this clothes*

When I put on a knee, I absolutely put on a tights even if it is very hot. But my sister put on the knee without tights. So her clothes type is different from mine. So I chose her clothes.