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Ao dai;)

27 Aug
Chinami wears Ao dai

Ao dai

This is my junior, Chinami(right) and her sister(left).
Chinami majors in Vietnamese and wears ao dai, the traditional dress of Vietnam with her favorite bracelet.

This ao dai was made to order, she bought it last year on her Study Tour of Vietnam, then she was glad to get her own folk costume.
It’s comfortable to wear, without being shameful by showing her side 😉 (The Ao dai was traditionally made with transparent cloth)
She wears the ao dai to participate in one of the staff speech contests at KUIS.

I just like to see the ao dai, it is such a sexy dress! Now, She is in Vietnam to study Vietnamese.


IKEA’s textiles YUKATA

27 Aug


I am working at IKEA as a part time job. This YUKATA was made from IKEA’s textiles by my colleagues.
On 30th July,  The Funabashi festival was held. IKEA Funabashi opened the roof of the building to see the fireworks during the night time.
In front of the building, I sold some light meals with my colleagues.  And then, we wore YUKATA which were made from IKEA’s textiles.
There are many colors of textiles in IKEA. For example, pink,orange,green,and so on. Also, there are many kinds of lovely and cool patterns too. In this picture, the patterns are flowers and birds.
Additionally, do you know these textiles are also used for IKEA’s curtains. It looks very simple and fashionable.
In summer, Japanese people love to wear YUKATA when  going to summer festivals.  I recommend you choose your own favorite IKEA’s textiles to make a new YUKATA.

Traditional Yukata

30 Nov

This is my picture wearing Yukata.


Actually, this Yukata is very special because my mother also wore this Yukata when she was young, and this Yukata made by my grand mother’s sister.

image (1)

In this picture, my mother wearing this Yukata.

When I was a junior high school student, my mother gave me this Yukata and at first, I didn’t like it so much because this Yukata’s design is little bit boring for me at that time and my friends wore cute and contemporary Yukata like Yukata with lace or big ribbons, so I envied my friends at that time.

However, now I love this Yukata because it’s handmade by my grand mother’s sister, so it really fit on my body and design is traditional and simple, so this Yukata is really special item for me.

Graduation Day

6 Jun

The beautiful HK on graduation day

Location: Kanda University of International Studies (Makuhari, Japan)

Dress Type: Traditional – Kimono

Accessories: Hair piece & handbag