My favorite!!

20 Jan

I think bath time influence our motivation very much. We learned that smell is one of a fashion item.

I like LUSH(a fresh handmade cosmetics bland)


There are lots of cute products. Soap, bubble bar, bath bomb, shampo, body cream, and so on!!

The company made products with using fresh, and organic materials.

Those products are very good smell:) Unique, but the scent can be attracted.

If i use LUSH items, i feel happy and fun!!!

But, i should be careful becaue there are some people who don’t like these smell.


Spring is coming soon!!!

19 Jan

Although it is still in January, spring is just comming in fashion world I think.

I work at a shoes shop as my part time job. Many new spring shoes has arrived.

And also other new spring shoes are coming from now on!


These new shoes are very cute and make me feel spring!!!

We can see many new spring clothes in a lot of places.

IMG_7771 IMG_7774FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

I like spring season and spring fashions either.

I can’t wait coming spring season and buying spring clothes and shoes!!!

I ♡ Ethnic

19 Jan

After I visited Cambodia, I took to Ethnic clothes.

These clothes can get in Japan!!

Have you ever find some shops in Japan?



Yes! One of the shop is titicaca!!

image image

And also you can find “cay hane”

image  image

Both shops I love because I can find good ethnic goods in these shops!!

we can get these without going abroad !

Wonderful shoes

18 Jan

Today, I will show you my shoes collection 🙂

image 4image 3    Flat shoes need big bow to be good accent.

image 5 This is my favorite one! When I saw this beautiful lace, I’m deeply in love with this shoes.

image 2  The slant cut and shinny stone made this be cool and stylish when you wear pants.

image In winter, leather long boots is must item and it can makeup you beautiful and cut.

Perfect vermillion color

18 Jan

Hi, look at this perfect vermillion color !

Last year, I really like to use small articles that is this color 🙂

How do you feel when you see this bag, wallet and snood?

I feel very warm and powerful !!

In addition, vermillion color is very fashionable, that’s why I choose this color.

imageimage 2image 3

Handmade Things!

18 Jan

When I can’t find what I want, I make it by myself sometimes.
For instance, The plain white sneakers were simple, so I drew a picture of city on the sneakers.



It took a lot of time but I have never put on the sneakers since I drew a picture because the picture might be disappear because of the rain.

Last Helloween, I made a costume of the character.

image image

They appear in “Monsters University”. My friends and I made the costumes and went to Disney land.

It was really fun!

And when I belonged to a dance club, I had to think about our costume by myself, so I drew it.


Then, I asked students who make costume to create this, and the completed product was great so I really appreciate it.

(I’m sorry that I don’t have photos of the costume…)

handmade things are easy to break but those make me satisfied, so I’d like to continue making those kind of works in the future.

Fashion Bloggers

15 Jan

Today, fashion bloggers are becoming popular. They has a big influence to fashion trend. I am going to think about it this time.

Blog has been used in various ways depends on person. Anyone can make free use of blog. I think that bloggers appear to one’s own mind and express theirselves on blog. Throughout blogs, you can be present something new, make new connects, generate new possibilities. Blog has unlimited potential. Anyone can be blogger easily and soon. Let’s start blog.imageimage