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2 Sep

She is Yuki.
She wears a T-shirt emblazoned with Minnie Mouse and drape and tie thin cardigan.
This style called Producer-maki

Producer-maki is very popular among young people recently.
It is one of ways of wearing clothes fashionably.
It is to drape and tie thin cardigan around one’s shoulders.
It’s said that it was named because of the image of TV producer who does so.

I noticed I had known it well before because I belong to baburu generation.

However,young people seems to feel Producer-maki is cool now. And young women of nowadays wearing cardigan with Producer-maki looked cute and fashionable.
Fashion changes with the times, and fashion trend repeats itself every one term.




Men’s Watch.

1 Sep


Today, I am going to talk about watches because I am particular about them.

Simple, useful, gorgeous and fashionable are my mottos in fashion. So, actually I don’t wear any accessories except watches in my fashion.

These are my favorite brands.




 I want to have these watches but I can’t afford them. Especially, Brietling, it is extremely expensive. That is what I want to buy in the future when I succeed in my business.
Otherwise, Bell Ross and Omega has come into a vogue because I have been seen them advertised in a lot of magazines. Do you know the movie that is called 007 Sky Fall? James Bond was always wearing an Omega watch in the movie and it was so cool.


Anyway, have you ever noticed why the clock hands you have seen in advertisements are always set at 10:10 ? Just leave a comment if you want to know about it 🙂