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Summer is coming soon

9 Jul

Hi, everyone.  How’s it going?

The 8th typhoon will hit Kanto  this weekend, be careful!

By the way, I bought a straw  hat at Studio Clip some days ago .


Because this hat looks cool and uses my favorite color, I decided to buy it.

This will protect my head from the sun, I’ll spend  this  summer vacation with it.


You can understand the importance for wearing hat in summer if you read this information.


I am ready for summer!








5 Dec



  It is just only one day that we can extremely enjoy “SANTA HAT” so why don’t you try on and go out with your friends.  Lots of Japanese people don’t really care about what they going to do on Xmas day.  However this is the day that we have to enjoy!  

   For me, I love to enjoy Xmas day with my family and my friends.  I always wearing Santa hat all day because it’s make me feel like “THIS IS XMAS” then I asked all of my friends and family to do the same thing and everybody having fun because the feeling is a bit different from doing nothing.

   I know students have tons of things to do on Xmas day with your lovely people, but please do not forget to grab your Santa Hat and enjoy your Xmas day.


  Kobe Khunakon Harnchana 

Summer Style

4 Jul

写真 (3)

He is my friend, Junro. This is his common style.

I asked him where or which shop did you often buy your clothes. He answerd that he bought his clothes at UNIQLO because there were many nice clothes on cheap price and simple designe were good for him, but  his pants was bought in Thailand when he traveled there.

Also sunglasses and cap are fasshion aitems. He said thatIn this season, hot and humid days have comtinued so, this style makes him comfortable to spend daily lives.

straw hat

20 Jun

This is my summar vacation image, straw hat.

I think it’s not so popular in Japan to wear straw hat but it’s really cute when girls wear straw hat especially on the beach! Nowadays it’s getting popular around the world. The straw hat is not just for fashion, we can protect our face from the strong sunshine,and avoide heat stroke. Now I look for big nice straw hat for my summer vacation.

saving from the sun!!!!!

6 Jun


I introduce summer item. I asked my boyfriend.

His best summer item is straw hat !!!

He always wear hat through the year, so he had many hats.

I asked him “Why are you chose straw hat? ” he said, “Straw hat is feeling cool even if hot, and easy to coordinate with T-shirts, cotton shirts,,, anithing.”

Also, if wearing straw hat it becomes summerlike and it is heat attack prevention!


And, this is my summer best item sunglasses!! My sungrasses is Ray-Ban, I like this design. It is my every day must item, I really love it.

I always wear it because, sunshine is really too bright in summer and it is eye’s protect item from UV rays. If my eye’s receive UV long time, my eye’s are hyperemia!!!

These items are really important for summer. I will wear it this summer every time and I will save from strong UV!!!!

ding dong ditch

28 Jun

name: Seckey
She is my friend and she has her own brand which named “ding dong ditch” also she works at the clothes shop Chicago in Harajuku. Chicago is a famous second hand clothes shop. I like her style so much. I put some pics of clothes which made by her and if you like them, search for “ding dong
ditch” on the internet.


hat: hakui
jacket: otsu
tops: banal chic bizalle
pants: used
tights: forever21
socks: sister
shoes: connecter