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I Love Traveling

5 Aug


Today, I want to tell you about my trip. I have traveled some countries.

Last year, I went to Hawaii with my friends.

There are many beautiful beaches, delicious foods and kind people.


image image


I enjoyed trip, and love Hawaii.


4 Aug

Today, I’m going to introduce my goods which I use during watching baseball game.

At first, I like baseball and when I have time, I go to watch baseball game to QVC Marine Field.

This is my style.




When I put on them, I can feel that I am one of the supporters of the team.

Moreover, I can enjoy not only watching game but eating and drinking. It is very enjoyable.

If you have a chance to go, you have to care about sunlight and also, if the place held the game is outside or without roof, you have to use the item to protect from the heat.

Take care of them and let’s enjoy watching sport!!

Black and Red

4 Aug

Tittle: Black and Red


I often wear feminine clothes which are bright coloured such as white and pink, but I also like black and red because of the influence of my favorite music, rock music.


Black is a cool colour , so it makes me feel cool. Also, I think the best colour that goes with black is red. Red makes black cooler especially when  dark-haired women with red lips wear it, they look so beautiful.


These are my black coloured things and red things




When I am in black and red  and I am listening to rock music, I feel like I am second to none.

I like boys in black shirts and jeans. Boys should wear black and simple clothes!

Black is the best colour to make us look cool!


4 Aug

When I hear the word “travel”, the word “packing” comes to my mind at first.   We have to pack our stuff into a suitcase when we travel, and it is sometimes very hard to do it.   The longer I travel and stay, the more I need to carry a large quantity of clothes.   Besides, we must have more baggage in going back because we buy souvenirs. So we have to leave a room for them.   To make carrying them easier, I always take thinner and light clothes which I can fold up small. Even in winter as well. photo2 photo3   Wearing this kind of clothes (pictures above) also easy to move and make me feel active.

My Bags…love them!

3 Aug


I want to introduce my bags♥︎

I love bags, I don’t know why.


At first, these are summer bags


Allot them are strew bags. it’s the best bag for the summer.


Next is my school bags.


These are big and useful bag. I use it in spring mad summer,

and when the season is change, I change some of them.


I really care about color, design and material.

So, I choose bag depend on the season and my outfit of the day.


Next is my 2 favorite bags.


 The left one is from PERU.

I bought it when I was 10  years old.

It is very cute one with Peruvian design.

The right one is revived by my boyfriend at Christmas day.

It was my first bag from him.


At last, I have few mores. 🙂


This is all my bags♥︎



Thank you for reading!

My favorite spot in Japan

1 Aug

Do you know where it is?

It is Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter in Okayama prefecture.

In this area, beautiful scene and historical buildings are preserved.

Not only buildings in Showa or Meiji era, you see it in Edo era.


My favorite point of this area is night scene.

I recommend to travel here after sunset.

I will go there next Monday, so I’m really excited!


Yuka Kawasaki

my favorite magazine…

1 Aug

my favorite fashion magazine is




it introduces not only clothes but also all things relates life style.

Every month, it has one theme  and the theme in this month is “summer life”

it is about what we want to do in summer.

it introduces how to spend daily life in summer and also some travel spots.

The theme and contents are very interesting for me.

my friends and coworkers say “the most fashionable magazine is &premium now.”


if you are interested in this magazine, plz check it out!


Yuka Kawasaki