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My favorite color is…

13 Jun


Hi, everyone! I’m Megumi.

My favorite color is¬†light blue. I think this color could impress fresh ūüôā

This picture is my costume of hula. I love this skirt !  When we dance with songs are related sea, water, and sky, we tend to choose blue costumes included in lei which is made of flowers.

 In my opinion, colors can create image of the person, and express my feeling, so colors are important for me to choose clothes.


Summer Fashion

24 Jun

    *About her*

She is Ai Sakamaki. She is my friend in KUIS and she is 20 years old.

   *Her fashion*

#white t-shirt

#red short-sleeved shirt with a collar

#bright brown skirt

#black leggings

#red sandals

   *Why did they dress that way?

Because it was hot so she wore a short-sleeved shirt. And she chose a¬†bordered t-shirt because she said border reminds her of summer. Moreover, she doesn’t like to expose her leg so she wore black leggings.

*How do they feel in what they are wearing?*

She felt very comfortable.

*Who are they wearing? Where did they get it from?*

Ai who is my friend. She bought these clothes at the local shop.

*What they think about when they get dressed?*

When she chooses her clothes, she pays attention not to choose same clothes or same taste as the previous day. So she leaves 3 days. Moreover, she considers about the combination of color. It means she chooses clothes which are not eccentric clothes.

*Do they dress differently for different reasons/occasions, if so why?*

Yes. Her daily clothes (for example, clothes for going school) is totally different from clothes for going outside. She thinks it is because of her motivation.

Border reminds me of summer so I took a picture of her clothes.


She drew this. She doesn’t like a¬†t-shirt and jeans¬†(left)¬†and a t-shirt and a long skirt (middle). But she¬† likes to wear several layers of clothing and she likes a mini skirt.