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Cute neckties for Christmas

12 Dec

I just found cute neckties for Christmas! I have never seen such a cute one, so I want to share with you.

The company’s name is Maker’s Shirts Kamakura. You can buy it online.

This one is kind of nomal one. Green and red check pattern…I think it is defenitely for Chrismas. You can wear it even the other days too! Just as a fashionable tie 🙂

Don’t you think this one really cute? It was my favorite one through my reserch. Santa Claus and Christmas tree pattern. There are 3 color variation. Green, dark red and navy.  And it costs about 50 dollers each.

I thought those small changes such as changing neckties, was good for adult people. You can be fashionable without wearing any big costume 🙂


My friend’s fashion

7 Jun

She is Haruka and 20 years old.

*Her fashion*

  • black T-shirt (It is printed  ‘I love you’)
  • short pant (jeans)
  • flower pattern tights
  • black shoes
  • two rings (one is an orange triangle and she bought it in Taiwan and the other is a ring)
  • necklace
  • watch

*Her point*

Her point is flower pattern tights. It is very quite and rare.She likes unique fashion. It means she doesn’t want to wear  these clothes which other people buy. So she chose flower pattern tights which is very rare. Moreover, to accentuate her tights, she chose black T-shirt and black shoes.

*How she feels*

She feels nice and good.