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★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★

19 Dec


★ My Soul is Motorcycle Road Trip ★



     “MOTORCYCLE” is the most thing that reminds me to all of my travel experiences.  If I go abroad or when I’m on trip, vacation I MUST ride this machine.  You can sing, you can scream, you can feel your body is flying with windy.  I will never get enough on my trip if I didn’t ride a motorcycle.  Especially when you go to the beach and mountain it is so awesome to ride a motorcycle through the beautiful scenery, it is the best thing to do in the world.  Why don’t you try to feel that feeling someday.




★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★

28 Nov


★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★



   Seems like the real winter has come, summer is over.  I know that lots of people had so much fun this summer but now its time to think of what you will wear for this fabulous winter.  Did you decide what is going to be your main fashion item for this winter fashion?

   Keep warm and protecting yourself from a very low temperature is always good for winter but we want some more, we want to look great because  we meet new people everyday.  Being a student is fun so do not waste your time let’s enjoy fashion.

   I told you that I love leather jackets so much, this time I would like to introduce another one of my main winter fashion items. “HOODIE FUR” jacket is one of my favorite fashion items.  It is easy, simple and awesome! You can wear a cute knit and then a “HOODIE FUR” will probably make you look stunning in a simple way and of course boots! Boots always give you some sexiness but if you don’t to be that sexy make sure to wear light colored pants or a skirt.  Because dark pants with boots make you look HOT but if you like it there’s no problem!!!

   “HOODIE FUR” is unisex fashion, guys and girls can enjoy it, and you can go anywhere with it. Lastly I want to strongly recommend you guys to use “FAKE FUR” there is no need to explain a lot, you know what I am trying to say here.  “We have our life and they have their life.”

   And now let’s enjoy a “HOODIE FUR” Have a very good weekend everybody XOXO!!!!!




25 Nov



Good Choices For Winter Fashion

     Winter is one of my favorite seasons. It is not just freezing but you can still enjoy winter fashion, winter is extremely awesome, you can put lots of things on your body.  I’m a leather jacket lover and YES! When you wear this of course “WINTER” leather jackets always make people look cool in a simple way.

     I would like to introduce my favorite brand of leather jacket , it is Michel Klein (MK) MK always make great products and it’s not so expensive for students to buy. In this picture I am wearing a blue leather Jacket and grey jeans all of them are from MK. MK’s products always make your body look so sharp and sexy. Even though the clothes don’t look warming they do keep your body at a perfect temperature. MK’s products never disappoint you. This jacket is strong enough to keep you from MR.Winter.

     I highly recommend  MK products to you guys. Find a great one that fits you, have a great Monday. xoxo ♡


A studs jacket

25 Jul


This is my friend, Misaki.
She wore an original jacket the day. It was first time to see like the jacket for me.

The jacket is decorated with some studs.
I asked her the reason that you choose this jacket.
Her answer was “It’s cute!!”.


I think studs’ images are cool, strong, and a little scary. However, she has an idea which is opposite mine.
It’s really interesting different thinking about fashion.

I have never tried like this clothes, but this style really suits Misaki 🙂

flower print dress

4 Jul


This time, I had an interviewed my friend about her fashion!!

She is Mei. Thank you, Mei!!

She wore like this, a flower print dress, black sandals and khaki jacket.

I like this dress. It is really lovely.


Me “What is today’s fashion point?”

Her “This dress, because top part of this is a see-through . It is cute!”


I think that It is perfect for summer!!

It looks cool, but very girlish.

She likes dresses, so she has various ones!!

Thank you for reading!!

vacation style in Taiwan

20 Jun

photo 2

I will introduce about my vacation items.

My image of vacation is trip. I went to Taiwan last month it was a model’s work but it was really excited same as vacation. I have no time to go to trip because I’m a little bit to busy.

Taiwan is hot and humid, so I wore big size tunktop everyday, big size tunktop become one piece! This way is my favorite fashion cordinate, and hoodie is really important because some restaurant, shops and taxi are cold air conditioned. Sandals are best of shoes in trip! It’s easy to wear, easy to walk!

Also, bag is shoulder type or backpack is the best, because some country are bad place. We have possibilities of snatched!! Snatch thief is tend to aim at tourist!! and shoulder type and backpack are easy to move! 


The ways of wearing using basic colors

13 Jun


I like mode fashion. The style is literally a la mode, and sometimes its style is simple, but also it has impact and is characteristic.



I like the mode fashion whose color is based on black and white.

Black and white is the color known as ordinary, useful, and safe color. However, they are the color which can get the people with the clothes used black and white look impressive. I think that’s because of its simplicity.

People choose the black or white shoes because of its convenience. But on the other hand, someone choose them because they can make difference with their creativity.


Also, the photo above seems to be taken in summer or early summer, but their fashion don’t look hot. (I mean, in temperature)

Of course they must have had any make up and their face less emotion. But I guess their fashion is also related. By  ways of wearing clothes, the impression should be changed even if basic colors are used: Black looks hot and heavy, especially…


For me, having many ways of wearing clothes is the fabulous point in fashion even if the base colors are all the same.