Color effect

4 Jan

Color has huge effect for me.
For example, my favorite color is yellow.
When I wear something yellow, I became happy.
My favorite characters are all yellow.
Sponge bob, pompompurin, big bard, smiley and so on.
I don’t know why I like them. I guess I’m addicted to yellow.
Of cause when I have those character’s goods, those cheer me up.

On the other hand, I hate blue and green. One day, I thought I have warm color stuff like yellow one and red one too much so I have to have cold color stuff and I bought them. Finally, I don’t wear those because when I wear those, my feeling become not good.

People’s mind can be controlled by color and it is easy way to change feeling.
These days, many people wear dark color because of trend but it is not interesting.
I recommend you to wear what you like and make your life colorful.


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